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Email us at if you would like more information on discipleship at our church. 


Discipleship is about loving and following Jesus. Disciple-making is when we intentionally meet with others to help them love and follow Jesus more deeply. Our goal is that every member of our church is being discipled and making disciples. The easiest way to get started with discipleship at our church is joining a Community Group where you can build Christ-centered relationships. From there you can develop deeper discipleship relationships with others in the group or in the church, or with others you lead to Christ. As you begin making disciples we recommend starting with our Created for a Purpose material (an 8-week discipleship curriculum) in a small group of 2-3 people that you will invest in, and then using our Discipleship Meeting Guide.


One helpful phrase to frame our thoughts about how to go about discipling others in our church is found in the book Habits of Grace, by David Mathis: Think big, start small, go deep.

“Think big: God’s global glory, among all the nations. Start small: focus on a few, like Jesus did. Go deep: invest at depth in those few, so deeply that they will be equipped and prepared to do the same in the lives of others.”

So get a vision and a hunger for God's glory filling the whole world. Then grab a few others to pursue that vision with, loving and following Jesus together until he returns. Invest deeply in those few people by sharing your life, your home, and your ministry with them, teaching them to do the same for others. 


Here are some resources and links to help you get started in the disciple-making journey: