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Discipleship is about intentionally meeting with others to help them love and follow Jesus more deeply (1 Cor. 11:1). Our goal is that every member of our church is living this out in a discipleship group of 2-3 people.


A discipleship group (or D-group) consists of 2-3 people of the same gender who meet regularly with the purpose of helping each other love and follow Jesus. These are the core practices of D-groups:  

  1. Read the word
  2. Apply the word 
  3. Pray the word

Read the word together. Pick a book of the Bible to read and discuss, or find some good Bible-centered material or curriculum to help guide you. Then, apply the word by teaching each other, confessing and repenting from sin, and encouraging each other to love and follow Jesus. Finally, pray together. Worship God by praying his word back to him and singing his praises. You can always do more, but you shouldn't be doing less; these practices are foundational to our growth in Christ (Matt. 4:4, Col. 3:16, Jas. 5:16, Heb. 3:13).


Find someone to meet with – You can start by looking around in your Community Groupministry team, or others at church, and asking God to lead you to someone to form a D-group with. Invite someone to coffee or lunch and ask if they are interested in meeting with you for discipleship. 

Make a plan for your meetings – Decide when you will meet, and what you will read together. You can always just pick a book of the Bible, but sometimes it helps to have a guide, so if you're starting a new discipleship relationship we recommend beginning with our 8-week Created for a Purpose material (download). For reference, there are also some sermons that go along with this material (listen). Additionally, a great book that we recommend reading together for discipleship is Growing in Christ (purchase). 

Aim for multiplication – Jesus discipled 12 men for 3 years and then told them, "Go, make disciples" (Matt. 28:19). He was not just making disicples, he was multiplying disciples. As you disciple others, you should be thinking of how you can train, equip, and prepare them to make disciples as well.