Sundays 11AM @ 1190 Chicon St.   |   512-651-9406

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We are a family of believers living as Christ's body for the good of our community and the glory of God. Click here to plan a visit this Sunday.

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Serve others where God has placed you: Are you serving at home? Are you serving in the church? Are you serving in the Community?... Read More

Featured Event

Our monthly prayer night where we gather together to worship God, praying and fasting for him to be worshiped more among those in our community and world, and a... Read More


On Sunday we began a new sermon series entitled Created for a Purpose, where we will spend 4 weeks looking at how and why God created humanity...Read More

We spent 8 weeks in the book of Proverbs looking at what it teaches about various kinds of relationships. Here are the points from each sermon, and links to the full sermons as well! ...Read More

The Bible has much to say about how parents ought to treat their children and lead their homes, and much of it is located in the book of wisdom that we call “Proverbs.” This post is an attempt to summarize a lot of the content of Proverbs regarding parenting, and present it in a simple and memorable way with some additional resources ...Read More