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Usher team

Thank you for considering serving on the usher team at ECC!


The purpose of the usher team is to provide God-centered service to our church body during the main worship gathering in various forms.


We see servant as the highest position in heaven and we want to provide our church body with elements to aid in their worship so that they can connect with God and each other easily.

  • Meeting and Prayer - When scheduled, ushers will meet in the cry room Sunday before service at 10:30am to go over service plan and pray together.
  • Setting up communion - Ushers are responsible for setting up communion before service. There will be one communion table right in front of the stage. The elements will be in our storage closet and the juice cups will need to be filled with juice. Either side of the table will get its own elements - juice cups, bread and gluten free bread.


  • Tearing down communion - After service the ushers will clean up the communion elements by gathering the cups and placing them in the kitchen to be washed and making sure the other elements get back to the storage closet.
  • Passing of Bibles - We will provide bibles to those who need them at the begining of the sermon at Hollands queue. As people hold up their hand we give them bibles.
  • Passing of Baskets - We help get the giving baskets down each row from the front to the back smoothly. Currently our church has two sections of chairs, so two ushers will be assigned to each section and each section gets one basket. One usher starts by handing the basket to the first row and as the basket makes its way down that row the other usher is ready to grab the plate and hand it to the row behind that one, back and forth until all rows are finished.


  • Hand off Baskets - When giving baskets have made their way to the back make sure to hand the offering baskets off to the counting team.