Sundays 11AM @ 1190 Chicon St.   |   512-537-2534

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Serve Team

Thank you for considering serving on the Serve Team at ECC!


The purpose of the Serve Team is to provide God-centered service to our church body by setting up and tearing down service elements.


We see servant as the highest position in heaven and we want to provide our church body with elements to aid in their worship so that they can connect with God and each other easily.

  • Meeting and Prayer - When scheduled, the serve team will meet with everyone serving at 10:30am to go over service plan and pray together.
  • Setting up and putting away communion - The serve team is responsible for setting up and tearing down communion before and after service. Since Covid this is far simpler. We just set out the pre-filled communion cups on either side of the communion table, in front of the stage. You can put out 50 or 60 cups, just make them symetircal and easy to grab on either side of the table.
  • Setting up chairs - Chairs are often not set up because other groups meet in our space. Please make sure the chairs are set up before 10:30am. You do not need to put them up after service.
  • Put our signs out- We have some parking lot signs and ECC signs to help people know that parking is free and where to enter. Please also make sure these are put out before 10:30am. After service these signs will need to come back inside.
  • Check bathrooms and general cleanliness - Since other groups use our space we have to check the bathrooms and meeting space for anything that is out of place. Every group is supposed to clean up after themselves but sometimes this doesnt happen. Please check bathrooms for cleanliness and make sure there is soap and toilet paper. Check the sanctuary for cleanliness as well and make sure we leave the place clean after service. Again, it should be clean already but many times another group forgets to clean up after themselves.