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Community Garden


Purpose Statement: To glorify God through the work of our hands in the soil while providing produce for the homeless, lower income families, and our church.

The “Good Soil Community Garden” was started by Mission Possible 15 years ago as a way to feed the homeless. It has now been rejuvenated by Eastside Community Church who seeks to teach the church how to work the land for food while feeding the homeless and lower income families in East Austin. Through this we glorify God as we look back to the unity of man with God in the Garden of Eden, and look forward to the reconciliation of the earth to heaven in the New Creation under the second Adam, Jesus Christ.

The Garden

The garden is located on the Hesed House grounds and holds two growing areas. One side holds an area for fruit trees. The second side holds 7 raised garden beds, an herb garden, and several other pots and containers. These current plots are for individual gardeners to work on and learn from, and we plan to set up 4 large beds that will grow high yield, fast maturing vegetables to provide for those in need.

How to Help

  • Donate materials - We could use any garden materials you have lying around or feel like buying. This includes tools, wheelbarrows, signs, trellis’, towers, teepees, seeds, soil, fertilizer, birdbath’s, wood stakes, fruit trees, cardboard, mulch, or monetary donations.
  • Work in a plot - We currently have 7 plots, but we are setting up 2 more 4x12 ft beds that will be strictly for the community that will need workers. Please bring any skills that you have and teach others while learning from others as you attempt to grows plants for you, your family, the church, and those in need. No experience required, just an open ear for teaching!
  • Work days - We have community work days on the 4th Saturday of each month followed by lunch. We could use all the help we can get to do things like weeding, mulching, planting, watering, fertilizing, digging holes, planting trees and much more. These happen at different times in the morning depending on the season.
  • Compost - If you aren’t able to serve in person, consider collecting your plant-based food scraps and dropping them off at church any Sunday morning. We have 2 compost bins that turn your food scraps into nutrient-packed soil that we’ll use to grow more plants for the community.
  • BAGS - Serve in the BAGS ministry that’ll take our harvest to families in need around East Austin.


Email Sam Towns (, the Community Garden ministry leader and organizer, for information or if you’d like to serve in some way.  

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