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slack blurb

Pastor Holland here with a short and sweet post about Slack! I just wanted to write a quick summary of what Slack is, why we use it, and how to get connected on it. If you've never heard of Slack before now, then all the more reason to spend the next 3-4 minutes reading this post! I would love for every member of our church to not only have this app, but use it regularly to keep in touch with every other member of our church. 


Communicating directly – Basically, we need to communicate as a church family, and Slack is a communication app that allows for different communication "channels" to be created for various purposes and groups. This is useful for things like communicating with your ministry team about serving on Sundays or staying in touch with your Community Group. You can communicate with each other directly, without posting something to the entire church every time. 

A few examples – For example, we have a "Staff and Elders" channel that only Robert, Sam, Shep, and I are on, for us to use throughout the week as various ministry issues arise (i.e. prayer requests, purchasing new Bibles, or meeting with visitor from church). We also have a "Greig CG" channel that is just for the people in my Community Group. Again, we share prayer requests, coordinate food/potluck plans each week, let others know if we aren't going to make it that night, or share how we are going to apply the Bible to our lives during the week after church or Community Group meetings. There are other channels to discuss theology, preaching, fun events, music, etc. as well! 

Church-wide communication – There's also a "General Channel" that everyone is on, which we use for communicating to the entire church. Big events like potlucks, picnics, and prayer nights (alliteration unintentional there). Also praises (alliteration still going), like someone getting a job, having a baby, leading someone to Christ, or coming home from the hospital after a serious illness. This is a simple way to all keep in touch with each other as a church family. 


Just follow these two simple steps, and we will take care of the rest! 

  1. Download the desktop or mobile app here (available for Apple and Android).
  2. Click here to join our church's specific workspace.

We will take it from there and get you logged in, and you can jump into the conversation! I hope this communication tool proves helpful and encouraging for us as we grow deep and wide as a church family.