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Relationships According to Proverbs

Proverbs Blurb

We spent 8 weeks in the book of Proverbs looking at what it teaches about various kinds of relationships. Here are the points from each sermon, and links to the full sermons as well! 


  1. We are to fear God as our Lord
  2. We are to love and trust God as our Father

Verses: Proverbs 1:1-10. Link to sermon. 


  1. Godly friends are loyal
  2. Godly friends are genuine
  3. Godly friends are honest
  4. Jesus is our true friend

Verses: Proverbs 17:17, 18:24, 19:4, 19:6, 27:6, 27:10. Link to sermon. 


  1. Singleness is a blessing and not a curse
  2. It is not wrong to pray for and seek a spouse
  3. Marriage and singleness can both be painful 
  4. Character comes first when seeking a spouse
  5. Godly community is a non-negotiable 
  6. Make your plans with open hands
  7. Jesus offers mercy and grace for all our sins 

VersesProverbs 3:33, 18:22, 13:12, 21:19, 31:30, 14:12, 18:1, 13:20, 16:9, 28:13. Link to sermon


  1. Lust is lethal 
  2. Love and listen to godly community 
  3. Lose yourself in love for your spouse 

VersesProverbs 5:1-19. Link to sermon. 


  1. Men must be self-controlled leaders 
  2. Men must be sober-minded leaders 
  3. Men must be selfless leaders 

Verses: Proverbs 31:1-9. Link to sermon. 


  1. S – Strong and secure
  2. H – Hard-working and home-oriented 
  3. E – Esteem the Lord 

VersesProverbs 31:10-31. Link to sermon. 


  1. Parents lead the way 
  2. Parents train up in the way 
  3. Parents correct waywardness 

VersesProverbs 20:7, 22:6, 22:15, 14:29, 13:24, 23:13-14. Link to sermon, blog, downloadable PDF. 


  1. Listen to your parents, don’t despise them
  2. Bless your parents, don’t curse them 

VersesProverbs 13:1, 15:5, 23:22, 30:11, 20:20, 31:28. Link to sermon