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Hurricane Harvey and Sunday service plans

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Updates about our service tomorrow morning. As things change or progress, we will update this blog to keep everyone posted! Please pray for those affected by the storm and flooding, for the first-responders, and for those who may be seeking refuge in shelters or schools around Austin. 

Sunday Service Status

Sunday, Aug. 27th, 7:30 am – No service this morning! After prayer and discussion, and watching the weather last night and this morning, we have decided to cancel service today. Several traffic lights are out around central east Austin, and a few major exits nearby are flooded, and we want to make sure everyone stays safe. We encourage you to spend time together in family worship and prayer at home today, and if you made food for the potluck, consider sharing with a neighbor! Be safe, and be hospitable to those in need! Watch or listen to an old sermon from our archive if you want to as well! 

Saturday, Aug. 26th, 5:00 pm – As of now, we are planning to have our Sunday service tomorrow as usual (11:00 am), and will not be cancelling because of the storm. However we want to make sure everyone knows to NOT come if there are low water crossings between them and church. Be safe! We can still have our potluck after church for whoever wants to participate, and may have a few visitors from the street community join us for shelter, so we can show hospitality and grace to them.