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New Poem: "Heaven's Call"

heavens call small

Hello brothers and sisters. First, I would like to express my gratitude for all of you. Your service, compassion, and perseverance continues to inspire me, and I have very often thanked the Lord for surrounding me with such a strong family in Christ. Therefore, I hope that this poem is helpful and encouraging to you, as you have been to me. I have prayed that it will stir your affections for Christ, and strengthen your confidence in his salvation.

“Heavens Call”

1. Precondition

Born in darkness, death, and sin;
From mother's womb, a wicked heart;
A rebel soul from deep within,
And to the Lord, no counterpart.

Therefore if the choice were mine
to repent, or froward stay,
Then staunchly, grace I would decline,
And in your wrath forever lay.

And so this present faith of mine
Must be from a call Divine.

2. Process

Born in temp'rance, grace and truth;
From mother's womb, a gentle soul.
He lived to seek the lost - forsooth -
And died to make the wicked whole.

But oh, how stern did they reject,
"Take up your cross and follow me"
A call that one would scarce elect:
With man, impossibility!

For who would follow such a clause?
"Only whom the Father draws"

3. Perseverance

Reborn of Spirit, blood, and water;
But still encumbered by my sin
I start to run, but soon I totter,
Falling to my doubts again.
"No calling of the Lord have I!"
I glibly say within my heart.
But then to me your Spirit flies
to, once again, that faith impart.

I know before I was conceived,
or even earth's foundation lain,
In love, my Lord did intercede,
"Oh God, let me for him be slain!
"Predestine him to hear my call
"That he may just and blameless be
"And hold his hand that, though he fall,
"He may be ours eternally."

For in these words my soul does hide.
"Those whom he called (...) he glorified"

4. Promise

Therefore, oh therefore,

If grief be all my heart should know
As I traverse life's stormy seas
The Christ of God shall I behold,
Ever at the helm for me.

I know these pains are but a way
For me to seek your steadfast love,
To drive my heart from sin away,
And set my mind on things above.

For when I see you on that day,
My king, from whom all blessings flow,
All sorrow shall your love outweigh,
As deeper thereinto I go.

My God, my God, oh is it true?
Free from sin, and suff'ring all?
Eternal fellowship with you?
Is this the ring of Heaven's Call?

Your call from an eternal past
Shall bring me safe to you,
At last.