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Created for a Purpose (discipleship material)

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On Sunday we began a new sermon series at our church entitled Created for a Purpose, where we will spend 4 weeks looking at how and why God created humanity–the reason we exist and our purpose here on the earth today. God has not left the meaning of life a mystery, but has clearly and plainly revealed it to us through his word so that we might live meaningful lives according to God's purpose and will! 


In Genesis 1-2 we see that we were created to glorify God as his image-bearers who worship, belong, serve, and make disciples throughout the whole earth. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God, and we need to be saved and renewed by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ if we want to truly live as we are meant to live. By trusting in Christ, we are not only forgiven of our sins, but empowered by God's Spirit to live for his glory. 


We have created some discipleship material along these lines to explore how we see these themes throughout the Scriptures, beginning in creation and carried through to the life of Jesus and the Apostles' teaching in the New Testament. You can download this material for free, print it out, and grab 1-2 others to study together with. In total, it will take 8 weeks to cover the material, diving deeply into the Scriptures to see how and why God created us and what that means for our lives today. 

Download PDF of Created for a Purpose

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